Dark Places

As Raiden drowns his sorrows away, he makes a few unlikely friends in a few unlikely places. Things get interesting when the Imperium’s local contraband syndicate shows up.

#VSS365 October 2019 Collection

Compiled into a single post for your reading pleasure, is the Ravens & Qrows October 2019 #vss365 Collection!

Hell of a Problem

Dead now, Al-Nashur’s soul plummets to the deepest, darkest depths of Hell. Even within the eternal fires, it seems that the world just can’t seem to spare him a break.

Cardinal Judgement

Once again, Al-Nashur is served yet another can of worms. This time, however, it isn’t a gang of human mercenaries that come to ruin his morning, it’s Zha’Khiri — Nightmare of the Vorm.

To Lead a Nation

The Navylan’s worsening condition takes its toll on both parties. While Justice and Libra fend for their lives in a duel-to-the-death, Myre deals with an ever-growing list of problems.

Rainy Days

Lieutenant Colonel Raiden Arcanova isn’t having the best of days. Having recently lost his career, his friends, and perhaps about everything else, he embarks on a journey to re-find himself.