Cardinal Judgement

Once again, Al-Nashur is served yet another can of worms. This time, however, it isn’t a gang of human mercenaries that come to ruin his morning, it’s Zha’Khiri — Nightmare of the Vorm.

To Lead a Nation

The Navylan’s worsening condition takes its toll on both parties. While Justice and Libra fend for their lives in a duel-to-the-death, Myre deals with an ever-growing list of problems.

Rainy Days

Lieutenant Colonel Raiden Arcanova isn’t having the best of days. Having recently lost his career, his friends, and perhaps about everything else, he embarks on a journey to re-find himself.

Storms Abrewing

As rebellion sparks within the heart of the Navylan States, so do plans of revolution. But how could one compete with a nation without armaments of war?

Vintage Misery

Following an earlier incident, the Imperium has launched an international man-hunt for Lady Lust. Little did they know that it’ll take more than a few snipers to bring her down.